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Reflection 11

Posted: May 31, 2012 in Reflection on 2153

My header!!!!

Above is my header.I used adobe photoshop cs3 to design it.There are few simple step to do it.

First, you need to choose a appropriate height and width.For example is my header is the height is 250 whereas the width is 580.

After that,you need to click at the up and left hand side.Click ‘file’ and open ‘new’.Then put the appropriate height and width.

Then, open another tab.Once again,open ‘file’ and click ‘open’ to choose pictures in your folder in the desktop or document.

Next,you need to use magnetic lasso tool to crop the part of the picture.

Fifth is copy the cropped picture and paste it into our header box.

Then,do step three again.

After that, unlock the layer with click at the right hand side of the photoshop,click backgroup,right click,layer from background,and click ok.

Then-go to move tool,drag the background to header box.

Finally,go to left hand side and click at text,you can put text on your header using your own creativity πŸ™‚

Remember you must save it in jpeg format!!!!:)

Simple right?these are simple step to do header, i mean basic step.I hope you can enjoy doing it at home πŸ™‚



Reflection 10

Posted: May 22, 2012 in Reflection on 2153

For this reflection,i want to story-tell about our group journey to Putrajaya again for our video shooting.The previous trip to Putrajaya was not enough for us to complete our video-shoooting.But this time we travel to Taman Botani,Taman Warisan,Masjid Besi,Pullman and Alamanda.

Taman Botani is one of the interesting places in Putrajaya.It is located on the Northern section of Precinct 1. It has been designed as an Arcadia or a national sanctuary for the Malaysian living collection of plant taxonomy as well as a centre for education and research.Those who miss to visit Taman Botani is such a huge mistake if you go to Putrajaya!!!

Taman Warisan Pertanian or The Agriculture Heritage Park is located at Precinct 16 Putrajaya. The park emphasises the role and importance of Malaysia’s commercial agriculture. This includes rubber tree, oil palm, coffee, tea, cocoa, fruits, herbs and spices.Main attractions provided there are rubber plot,fruit orchard,herb and spices track and lastly viewing deck.Taman Warisan Putrajaya provides food and beverages,visitor complex, surau, shop, facilities with disable people and parking.

The official name of Masjid Besi is Masjid Tuanku Mizan Zainal Abidin. Construction of this modern Islamic mosque began in April of 2004. The name of the mosque was taken from the fact that it was built using six thousand tons of steel, or almost eighty percent of the entire building. The mosque is able to accommodate up to twenty thousand people at one time. Covering more than 73,000 square meters, cost to build this Masjid Besi is around RM180 million.

Alamanda Putrajaya is the earliest shopping centre constructed in Putrajaya, Malaysia. The Alamanda Shopping Centre opened in August 2004.It is located in Precint 1, Putrajaya, Malaysia.

The first exclusive β€˜Malaysian Icon Hotel’, Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside is located 25 minutes from Kuala Lumpur International Airport and Low Cost Carrier Terminal. Easy access to Kuala Lumpur city centre and Sepang Circuit via ERL transit train or by car through a network of highways.

First,we started our shooting in front of DECTAR,the weather was too hot until our hosts could not stand it.We traveled to Putrajaya by using our rented car.We rentend the car for half day.The first place we went was Masjid Besi Putrajaya to shoot our video.We only took short time there.
After that, we went to Taman Botani,it was such a beautiful place with lots of herbs and flowers and floating restaurant.If i were given a chance i would like to go there for once.We recorded our video using cam-coder brought from faculty.We were all tired and directly headed to Alamanda for foods and video-shoot.Important aspect for shooting video is make sure that battery is always recharged and provide a lot of DVD for recording.If for sudden,emergency comes,we will be well prepared.
Then,we visited pullman putrajaya,it was such an extraordinary place with superb view especially during the sunset.
Next,we visited Taman Warisan for foods at night.Taman Warisan is a place for agriculture activities in term of selling local fruits and fertilizers.
Each of us was assigned with different tasks.For Luqman and Aqila,they were the hosts for our video shooting,they made the script,memorized and utter it in this recording.For me,they are superb hosts for beginners :).
For me,i was in charge of technical work.I need to work with video camera.I have to format it,finalize the disk and transfer the video in laptop then convert it into flv or mlv type video πŸ™‚
Aiman was the one who recorded all the scene from DECTAR until the end of the recording.
Shuhada was our driver for the trip.She only need to drive carefully to ensure our journey safe.
Solah was our ‘compass’ for the trip.She is expert with the road in Putrajaya because her sister stays at Putrajaya.Both of Shuhada and Solah involved a lot in Post Production phase work actually.
I was glad because all of us cooperated very well to ensure everything runs smoothly and successfully.Thank to all my group members!!!Enjoy the time with you guys!Hope can work with you all for the next project in the next subject πŸ˜€
Lastly,we went back to UKM.All og us were fatigue and worn out yet happy.That’s it for this time.Thank you!!SALAM

Reflection 9

Posted: May 22, 2012 in Reflection on 2153

For this post,i would like to share about video-editing tutorials by En Helmi.There are a lot of softwares for video editing such as window movie maker and adobe premier.

For this class,we use adobe premiere cs4.

First,En Helmi taught us how to convert our video to make it suitable for the software like window movie maker.For example to flv to mlv format or likewise.I already forget the the types of the video.The reason why we need to convert all the videos are we need to make compatible or readable for software like window movie maker.

Adobe Premiere CS4 is a software for video-editing.Efficient media acquisition gets your projects off to the right start. Adobe OnLocation CS4 lets you optimize your footage, record directly to your hard disk using the latest video
cameras, and take the tedium out of logging by using metadata to store details for each shot.
An efficient, tapeless workflow eliminates time-consuming transcoding and rewrapping,
maintains pristine quality throughout the production process, and saves you time.
This software actually is much more complicated than adobe photoshop for photo-editing.At first,it was easy to follow because we only need to drag or import our videos in the tools and for cut of the videos,i can still follow the steps.For transformation of the video and transition of the video i can still understand.When it comes to sound booth,i lost,really lost!!

Then,En Helim gave us time to explore the software by ourselves and get used to it.We,in a group discussed how to settle it down with inserting our videos and edit them in the software but before that,we converted them first with guidance from En Helmi πŸ™‚

After the workshop ended,we sat in each group and did our own group’s work.What I felt during the workshop was excited because i get different experience and i think with this skill i can use it to teach English creatively!!!Manipulate technology for our teaching and learning is a great thing to implement!!En Helmi did a great good for today.Nothing to comment for now!!That’s it for now!!Thank you!! πŸ™‚

Reflection 8

Posted: May 22, 2012 in Reflection on 2153

For this post,i would like to talk about our two-days photo-editing and video-editing workshop that was conducted by En Helmi and Along(Dr Rosseni’s son).But for this post,i will talk or focus more on photo-editing.We were taught by Along on how to use adobe photoshop software.

Adobe Photoshop is a graphics editing programmes developed and published by Adobe Systems. Along taught us the basic skills to edit our photos.Along explained the steps patiently.He repeated the things that we could not managed to grab.The benefits of using this software is students will be able to use sophisticated tools for optioning parts of images, and will move, duplicate, and resize images. Additionally, students will use painting tools to manipulate images, and will perform adjustments to contrast and color balance.

Adobe PhotoShop is specially designed for those who has little or no experience using Adobe PhotoShop, and who needs to learn the basics skills that are necessary in order to begin to use this program effectively .
The steps of learning this software is the first lesson we learn how to save images in photoshop format,photoshop environments elements and raster and vector graphics. Then, we learn how to size images like images size and resolutions. Next. we learn how to crop images with using The Lasso tools,Deselecting Areas, and Magnetic Lasso Tools.

After that,we learn how to manipulate selection such as transforming selections and correcting mistakes.
Lastly, we learn how to put text on our photos.Assignment for this workshop is we need to make a banner using the skills that Along has just taught us.
This is the example of the banner designed by my lovely friend :

I couldn’t remember the steps vividly but these are the steps in my mind.I will upload my banner but not now. Finally,i want to thank to Dr Rosseni because willingly put efforts in making this fee-free workshop for our tesl-family.I really appreciate it.Thank!!Only God can repay you Dr πŸ™‚
That;s it for this post.Thank you and Salam πŸ™‚

Reflection 7

Posted: May 20, 2012 in Reflection on 2153

Assalamualaikum!!!For reflection 7,i will talk about our outing to Putrajaya!!it was meant for our video shooting around interesting places around Putrajaya such as Masjid Besi,,Pullman Lake,Ministry of Finance and lastly Pasar Malam .We went there by using bus that was booked by our lecturer,Dr Rosseni.The distant from UKM to Putrajaya only about 10 kilometers.We were so excited while in the bus.

Everybody seemed eager to reach Putrajaya.First place we set our feet was at Ministry of Finance yet it started raining.

The reason why Dr chose MIF because MIF was suitable for those who love shooting photos due to the symmetry and the angle of the building.En Helmi and En Yusof also came along to brief us how to shoot video.Dr Rosseni’s son also joined us to tell us about photography.He said there are 3 important aspects of shooting a good photo,there are 3 aspects which are ISO setting, aperture and shutter speed.ISO setting needs to be adjusted depend on light.If we want to shoot at night,the ISO setting must be adjusted higher than normal.He said these three aspects are called exposure triangle.Aperture controls the area over which light can enter your camera while shutter speed controls the duration of the exposure.He also said that for a professional photographer,in every picture they shoot,they must be ‘story’ in the photos.

After finished the session,we went to Masjid Besi,Putrajaya.In this Masjid Besi,En Helmi taught us how to record a video in different angles.After that,we did our own recording according to our own group.Our group did ”An Outing to Putrajaya”,so it was a perfect time to shoot :)..

We started our first shooting in front of Masjid Besi,Putrajaya witl Luqman and Aqila became the hosts.A lot of funny things happened.They forgot the script and all sort of funny things.
Then,we moved to Pullman.Pullman was a beautiful place especially at night but we were chased away by security there due to the late time.

Actually,i love this style of learning.Theory in the class and straight away to practice it outside the class!As students,we will get a lot of benefits such as we can involve in the learning and practical directly,see the outside world,get to release our stress,and acquire the theory easily with participating in the activities conducted.The weakness of this kind of learning is the budgets.I hope every education courses offered in UKM can provide a theory and practical at he same time.50% of time in class and 50 % outside the classroom.Our mind will be more critical with observing our environment.This world is our classroom for me.That’s how I learn.I will be bored inn the class because i can only concentrate for 15 minutes in the class πŸ™‚

At last,we went to Pasar Malam for our foods.We were so hungry and starved.We bought lot of foods especially Pei Tsi because she never been to Malay Pasar Malam!!!So,everybody was tired.All of us were happy though tired could be seen through fatigue faces.That’s it for Reflection 7.Thank you!!!!

Reflection 6

Posted: April 30, 2012 in Reflection on 2153

On the second last week of mid-sem break, we learned more further about post-production of video which are Video transfer, Video editing, Audio editing, Finalizing your video. Firstly, let me tell or explain about Video Transfer which is the first step in Post Production.Video Transfer has three types depending on types of video camera.There are three types transfer which are:
1-Hard Disc Transfer
2-Mini Disc Transfer(our group uses this type of transfer)
3-Tape (mini DV) transfer
Below is the image of disc transfers:

Secondly is the Video Editing.For Video Editing,we have a lot software that are suitable for editing videos yet this week,we are only being introduced to 3 software which are windows movie maker,adobe premiere and final cut pro.These are more information about video editing.
Video editing comprises of three main process.Below are the processes which are :
a) Arrange, change, add, cut and remove
video clips
b) Video effects on a video clip
c) Video transitions between video clips

For a) We need to wait for our video editing workshop that will be conducted by En Helmi.
For b) Video filters are used to change the colors of the video clip
1-Change the color – to give a certain perception about the place, environment and mood of a video scene.For example, bright colors can be used to show a happy environment, and dark colors can be used to show an unhappy mood.
For c)Used to connect two video clips :
1)- Should be used with care
2)- Professionals usually use simple transition such as
β€œcut” and β€œcrossfade”

Thirdly is the Audio Editing,there are three types of Audio Editing that are voice,music and sound effects.
Lastly is the Finalizing.

Then we learned how to use camcoder and how to shoot and record it properly.

In this class, we learned about video shot. There are three composition of video shots
Focus on the subject only

2)middle shot
Both subject and environment share the same space in the photo.50-50=)

3)wide shot
Focus only to background rather than subject

There are three types of angle in composition of video shots
1-low angle
2-normal angle
3-high angle

Then,we learned about movement of camera video
1-zoom-focus to objects
2-dolly-camera can be moved to object,move in and move out
3-truck-move from left to right(same as dolly yet the direction is different)
4-tilt-vertical direction(up and down)
5-pan(horizontal direction) to indicate the speed of movement of subject

En Helmi also taught us how to do mobile tags. I already forgot the process:P yet i understand what mobile tags are finally=).
Below are the example of mobile tags

That was all i could remember in our lesson because a lot of information needed to be forcefully installed in my brain yet i feel very happy.Actually learning technology is not only learn the theories but learn and practice it immediately so that you would not forget the theories.That was En Helmi tried to do to us.

I think that’s it for this Reflection 6.Thank you.SALAM

Reflection 5

Posted: March 31, 2012 in Reflection on 2153

In the 5th week we still learn about pre-production phase which involves storyboard and scriptwriting.Script and storyboard design are aided by UIM tools yet on 5th week,we focus more on design of group website and business group.
First of all, we need to plan website design using the UIM tool and paper prototyping. Below is the example of paper prototyping(my group paper prototyping) :

Paper prototyping is used to produce paper prototypes of the website.Aims of using paper prototyping:
1-plan the overall layout of your website.
2-information can be searched easily in website.
3-message is conveyed to the audience.

Main elements that your website should have :
1-main page
2-product page
3-about us
4-contact us

Design company website : UIM tool
Step 1-select
Step 2-plan
Step 3-insight
Step 4-vision
Step 5-sketch
Step 6-present

Above is the main elements that i managed to gather while in the class.
All the information above are useful for me in order to make our flow of project runs smoothly.It is guideline for us to see or perceive or project clearly.I feel good in this class.

This time, En Helmi has come out with suitable learning aids(ABM).He brought pencil colors and paper color for activity in the class.We all enjoyed doing the paper prototyping for our group blog.An interesting activity for me.En Helmi is a friendly person,most of students enjoy having him as cikgu rosseni’s assistant.A young lecturer with new ways of approach.Still for me,he needs to improve his communication skills.Practice makes perfect.Till then.

Reflection 4

Posted: March 27, 2012 in Reflection on 2153

Assalamualaikum wbt, i am deeply sorry for being late in updating my blog.In week 4, we had learned about Designing Media & Instruction which involved a strategy or model called ASSURE model.Again, it is a new term for me. ASSURE model is model invented or proposed by Heinich,Molenda,Russel,Smalldino(1999).Puan Hazrati was in charge of this lecture on 4th week.Actually, this method is a strategy that will integrate technology into our curriculum and infuse positive difference in our education system and enhance the process of teaching and learning.I started to get a clear connection between technology and education.It was getting clearer from week to week.From what i learned, ASSURE is an acronym for:
A-Analyze learner(analyze who your learners are)
S-State objective(general and specific objectives and what will be attained in the lesson)
S-Select media and materials(choose methods for delivering our instruction)
U-Utilize media and materials(utilize all materials to meet objectives stated or planned)
R-Require students participation(students are actively involved in the process of learning)
E-Evaluate and revise(evaluate our own teaching,students learning,revision for the next class)

Below is the image for ASSURE model :

Then, we learned about needs assessment.There are 4 phases to need assessment process.Phase 1 is planning.Planning involves target audiences, methods, learners and how should be data collected.Unfortunately, i could grasp the rest of information.In this lecture,i finally found the advantages and disadvantages of technology in education

1-time saving
2-stimulate student’s interest
3-provides various teaching methods

1-Unplanned media
2-Designed media is too crowded
3-Video as a media is too long

The next thing we learn in this class is about storyboard which is one of the process of video production that is pre-production.Our group has come out with the idea of producing a video about tourism in Putrajaya.Title is ‘100 a day at Putrajaya’.

Below is the example of storyboard:

Below is the ADDIE Model which we need to google before class ended πŸ™‚

Storyboard is a rough sketch about our early plan for a video as our guideline before we proceed with the recording of the video.It will make our production easier.We took Ian Wright as our model to make a video,he is a bag packer who travel around the world and recorded his travel.

Talking about what i feel about this lecture this week is i started to get the picture about the whole thing about this course.As A future teacher,we cannot stick with the old methods, we need to come out with new ways,strategies, and methods to cope up with the current development in technology and education world as well as to enhance our teaching and learning process.That is what i feel.I am not a person who will get excited easily.So, for me this lecture this time is better than previous lecture.

Lastly is about enhancement that we can take in order to improve our teaching and learning process.For me,to conduct a small class like us is not a big deal for Puan Hazrati and En Helmi.I was sleepy in the class because Pn. Hazrati's slides were almost 40 slides.For me,it was a lot and i want Pn Hazrati elaborated her slides more and try to relate it with our surrounding and education world.She needed to improve her voice projection so that i would not feel sleepy.En Helmi managed to overcome his nervousness with appearing calmer and voice can be heard clearly.

I think i have talked a lot for this post, last but not least, please forgive me if i said something hurt in this post.
Assalamualaikum wbt……

Assalamualaikum, for the third week class,we had learned about mobile blogging.Dr Rosseni was assisted by two of her PhD students which are experts in the technology.She could not lecture us about this topic because of this is not the field that she is good at.So, she left it to both of them.Only En.Helmi did the talk while another one was busy snapping our photos in the class as a part of their research and study.En Helmi explained to us how to do the mobile tag and mobile blogging which i could not really understand because that was a new thing for me.The only thing that i can vividly remember was he talked about the transfer of video from mobile to blog using mobile itself.
Below is the image of mobile tagging that i found while googling for it.

That’s it!Then, we were given an iPad as a chance for us to explore the functions and usage of the technology. We were excitedly used the iPad to snap our photos.

That was a new experience for us.At the end of the class we were ordered by Dr Rosseni to form groups for our project assignments.We also were asked to create a new blog for each group as our company blog.We divided our position in the company and named our group.We did discussed about our plan of the assignment which demanded us to create a video based on a topic given.The duration of the video should not exceed 10 minutes.We can either make a video or slideshow yet we chose to make a video about tourism in Malaysia which i think an interesting topic.Still, i cant relate this subject with education purposes.

En Helmi was a nice person yet he needs to project his voice louder and clearer as well as elaborate more about the points.That was my opinion about him.
Assalamualaikum wbt..

Reflection 2
This week we have Pn Hazrati instead of beloved Dr Rosseni. So, lecture is going to be delivered by Pn Hazrati. Today’s topic is about Instructional Design Process. First of all we need to identify the problem and the purpose of the identification of the problems. The purpose of identification of problem is to determine if instruction is the best solution. In order to identify the problems, we need to look into the parts of need assessment, goal analysis and performance assessment.

Need assessment has 4 phases that are
PHASE 1 : PLANNING (define the target audience, develop a strategy and participants)
Phase 2 : COLLECTING DATA (consideration about sample size and distribution,schedule the appointments, travel to the
sites to collect the data)
Phase 3 : DATA ANALYSIS (SPSS, needs should be prioritized based on the goal analysis method)
Phase 4 : FINAL REPORT (Summary of purpose, process, results with table (s) and narrative and recommendations based on the data)

We need to refer to the needs analysis and goal analysis in order to decide which method to use.

Need analysis is used when the problems cannot be identified, costly in term of time and cost and the target audience abundance.
Below is the approach of NA :
1- Identify the aim
2- Set goals (identify behaviors for performance)
3- Refine goals
4- Rank goals
5- Refine goals again
6- Make final franking

Next is goal analysis which is used when problems are identified, focus has become narrower, less time and cost involved and conducted with only small group.

The causes problem :
1-Interpersonal relations
2-Lack of knowledge and skill
3-Lack of motivations and incentive
4-Environmental factors
5-Management factors

Actually this post for Pn Hazrati is supposedly to be put in the Reflection 4 but some technical problem occurred :)..
Soooo sorry Pn HAZRATI πŸ™‚

Reflection 1

Posted: March 1, 2012 in Reflection on 2153

Assalamualaikum,for this semester i need to take education technology as my compulsory courses provided by faculty. Once again, i meet my previous lecturer Dr. Rosseni Din, who was my lecturer for Computer In Education. Now for this subject.I expect that i will learn something difficult or complicated in this course because i am not really interested in technology stuff.After Dr Rosseni explained what the course all about,i was shocked because we need to make a video which is easy for those who only watch yet for makers is like an uphill task.

In this course,we will learn about all new things about technology world.That’s it from me.Thank you.-)