Reflection 9

Posted: May 22, 2012 in Reflection on 2153

For this post,i would like to share about video-editing tutorials by En Helmi.There are a lot of softwares for video editing such as window movie maker and adobe premier.

For this class,we use adobe premiere cs4.

First,En Helmi taught us how to convert our video to make it suitable for the software like window movie maker.For example to flv to mlv format or likewise.I already forget the the types of the video.The reason why we need to convert all the videos are we need to make compatible or readable for software like window movie maker.

Adobe Premiere CS4 is a software for video-editing.Efficient media acquisition gets your projects off to the right start. Adobe OnLocation CS4 lets you optimize your footage, record directly to your hard disk using the latest video
cameras, and take the tedium out of logging by using metadata to store details for each shot.
An efficient, tapeless workflow eliminates time-consuming transcoding and rewrapping,
maintains pristine quality throughout the production process, and saves you time.
This software actually is much more complicated than adobe photoshop for photo-editing.At first,it was easy to follow because we only need to drag or import our videos in the tools and for cut of the videos,i can still follow the steps.For transformation of the video and transition of the video i can still understand.When it comes to sound booth,i lost,really lost!!

Then,En Helim gave us time to explore the software by ourselves and get used to it.We,in a group discussed how to settle it down with inserting our videos and edit them in the software but before that,we converted them first with guidance from En Helmi 🙂

After the workshop ended,we sat in each group and did our own group’s work.What I felt during the workshop was excited because i get different experience and i think with this skill i can use it to teach English creatively!!!Manipulate technology for our teaching and learning is a great thing to implement!!En Helmi did a great good for today.Nothing to comment for now!!That’s it for now!!Thank you!! 🙂

  1. Cikgu says:

    it’s not easy and i am glad you enjoyed it 🙂 hope you learn something to help you become the best English teacher ever

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