Reflection 7

Posted: May 20, 2012 in Reflection on 2153

Assalamualaikum!!!For reflection 7,i will talk about our outing to Putrajaya!!it was meant for our video shooting around interesting places around Putrajaya such as Masjid Besi,,Pullman Lake,Ministry of Finance and lastly Pasar Malam .We went there by using bus that was booked by our lecturer,Dr Rosseni.The distant from UKM to Putrajaya only about 10 kilometers.We were so excited while in the bus.

Everybody seemed eager to reach Putrajaya.First place we set our feet was at Ministry of Finance yet it started raining.

The reason why Dr chose MIF because MIF was suitable for those who love shooting photos due to the symmetry and the angle of the building.En Helmi and En Yusof also came along to brief us how to shoot video.Dr Rosseni’s son also joined us to tell us about photography.He said there are 3 important aspects of shooting a good photo,there are 3 aspects which are ISO setting, aperture and shutter speed.ISO setting needs to be adjusted depend on light.If we want to shoot at night,the ISO setting must be adjusted higher than normal.He said these three aspects are called exposure triangle.Aperture controls the area over which light can enter your camera while shutter speed controls the duration of the exposure.He also said that for a professional photographer,in every picture they shoot,they must be ‘story’ in the photos.

After finished the session,we went to Masjid Besi,Putrajaya.In this Masjid Besi,En Helmi taught us how to record a video in different angles.After that,we did our own recording according to our own group.Our group did ”An Outing to Putrajaya”,so it was a perfect time to shoot :)..

We started our first shooting in front of Masjid Besi,Putrajaya witl Luqman and Aqila became the hosts.A lot of funny things happened.They forgot the script and all sort of funny things.
Then,we moved to Pullman.Pullman was a beautiful place especially at night but we were chased away by security there due to the late time.

Actually,i love this style of learning.Theory in the class and straight away to practice it outside the class!As students,we will get a lot of benefits such as we can involve in the learning and practical directly,see the outside world,get to release our stress,and acquire the theory easily with participating in the activities conducted.The weakness of this kind of learning is the budgets.I hope every education courses offered in UKM can provide a theory and practical at he same time.50% of time in class and 50 % outside the classroom.Our mind will be more critical with observing our environment.This world is our classroom for me.That’s how I learn.I will be bored inn the class because i can only concentrate for 15 minutes in the class đŸ™‚

At last,we went to Pasar Malam for our foods.We were so hungry and starved.We bought lot of foods especially Pei Tsi because she never been to Malay Pasar Malam!!!So,everybody was tired.All of us were happy though tired could be seen through fatigue faces.That’s it for Reflection 7.Thank you!!!!


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