Reflection 6

Posted: April 30, 2012 in Reflection on 2153

On the second last week of mid-sem break, we learned more further about post-production of video which are Video transfer, Video editing, Audio editing, Finalizing your video. Firstly, let me tell or explain about Video Transfer which is the first step in Post Production.Video Transfer has three types depending on types of video camera.There are three types transfer which are:
1-Hard Disc Transfer
2-Mini Disc Transfer(our group uses this type of transfer)
3-Tape (mini DV) transfer
Below is the image of disc transfers:

Secondly is the Video Editing.For Video Editing,we have a lot software that are suitable for editing videos yet this week,we are only being introduced to 3 software which are windows movie maker,adobe premiere and final cut pro.These are more information about video editing.
Video editing comprises of three main process.Below are the processes which are :
a) Arrange, change, add, cut and remove
video clips
b) Video effects on a video clip
c) Video transitions between video clips

For a) We need to wait for our video editing workshop that will be conducted by En Helmi.
For b) Video filters are used to change the colors of the video clip
1-Change the color – to give a certain perception about the place, environment and mood of a video scene.For example, bright colors can be used to show a happy environment, and dark colors can be used to show an unhappy mood.
For c)Used to connect two video clips :
1)- Should be used with care
2)- Professionals usually use simple transition such as
“cut” and “crossfade”

Thirdly is the Audio Editing,there are three types of Audio Editing that are voice,music and sound effects.
Lastly is the Finalizing.

Then we learned how to use camcoder and how to shoot and record it properly.

In this class, we learned about video shot. There are three composition of video shots
Focus on the subject only

2)middle shot
Both subject and environment share the same space in the photo.50-50=)

3)wide shot
Focus only to background rather than subject

There are three types of angle in composition of video shots
1-low angle
2-normal angle
3-high angle

Then,we learned about movement of camera video
1-zoom-focus to objects
2-dolly-camera can be moved to object,move in and move out
3-truck-move from left to right(same as dolly yet the direction is different)
4-tilt-vertical direction(up and down)
5-pan(horizontal direction) to indicate the speed of movement of subject

En Helmi also taught us how to do mobile tags. I already forgot the process:P yet i understand what mobile tags are finally=).
Below are the example of mobile tags

That was all i could remember in our lesson because a lot of information needed to be forcefully installed in my brain yet i feel very happy.Actually learning technology is not only learn the theories but learn and practice it immediately so that you would not forget the theories.That was En Helmi tried to do to us.

I think that’s it for this Reflection 6.Thank you.SALAM


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