Reflection 5

Posted: March 31, 2012 in Reflection on 2153

In the 5th week we still learn about pre-production phase which involves storyboard and scriptwriting.Script and storyboard design are aided by UIM tools yet on 5th week,we focus more on design of group website and business group.
First of all, we need to plan website design using the UIM tool and paper prototyping. Below is the example of paper prototyping(my group paper prototyping) :

Paper prototyping is used to produce paper prototypes of the website.Aims of using paper prototyping:
1-plan the overall layout of your website.
2-information can be searched easily in website.
3-message is conveyed to the audience.

Main elements that your website should have :
1-main page
2-product page
3-about us
4-contact us

Design company website : UIM tool
Step 1-select
Step 2-plan
Step 3-insight
Step 4-vision
Step 5-sketch
Step 6-present

Above is the main elements that i managed to gather while in the class.
All the information above are useful for me in order to make our flow of project runs smoothly.It is guideline for us to see or perceive or project clearly.I feel good in this class.

This time, En Helmi has come out with suitable learning aids(ABM).He brought pencil colors and paper color for activity in the class.We all enjoyed doing the paper prototyping for our group blog.An interesting activity for me.En Helmi is a friendly person,most of students enjoy having him as cikgu rosseni’s assistant.A young lecturer with new ways of approach.Still for me,he needs to improve his communication skills.Practice makes perfect.Till then.


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