Reflection 4

Posted: March 27, 2012 in Reflection on 2153

Assalamualaikum wbt, i am deeply sorry for being late in updating my blog.In week 4, we had learned about Designing Media & Instruction which involved a strategy or model called ASSURE model.Again, it is a new term for me. ASSURE model is model invented or proposed by Heinich,Molenda,Russel,Smalldino(1999).Puan Hazrati was in charge of this lecture on 4th week.Actually, this method is a strategy that will integrate technology into our curriculum and infuse positive difference in our education system and enhance the process of teaching and learning.I started to get a clear connection between technology and education.It was getting clearer from week to week.From what i learned, ASSURE is an acronym for:
A-Analyze learner(analyze who your learners are)
S-State objective(general and specific objectives and what will be attained in the lesson)
S-Select media and materials(choose methods for delivering our instruction)
U-Utilize media and materials(utilize all materials to meet objectives stated or planned)
R-Require students participation(students are actively involved in the process of learning)
E-Evaluate and revise(evaluate our own teaching,students learning,revision for the next class)

Below is the image for ASSURE model :

Then, we learned about needs assessment.There are 4 phases to need assessment process.Phase 1 is planning.Planning involves target audiences, methods, learners and how should be data collected.Unfortunately, i could grasp the rest of information.In this lecture,i finally found the advantages and disadvantages of technology in education

1-time saving
2-stimulate student’s interest
3-provides various teaching methods

1-Unplanned media
2-Designed media is too crowded
3-Video as a media is too long

The next thing we learn in this class is about storyboard which is one of the process of video production that is pre-production.Our group has come out with the idea of producing a video about tourism in Putrajaya.Title is ‘100 a day at Putrajaya’.

Below is the example of storyboard:

Below is the ADDIE Model which we need to google before class ended 🙂

Storyboard is a rough sketch about our early plan for a video as our guideline before we proceed with the recording of the video.It will make our production easier.We took Ian Wright as our model to make a video,he is a bag packer who travel around the world and recorded his travel.

Talking about what i feel about this lecture this week is i started to get the picture about the whole thing about this course.As A future teacher,we cannot stick with the old methods, we need to come out with new ways,strategies, and methods to cope up with the current development in technology and education world as well as to enhance our teaching and learning process.That is what i feel.I am not a person who will get excited easily.So, for me this lecture this time is better than previous lecture.

Lastly is about enhancement that we can take in order to improve our teaching and learning process.For me,to conduct a small class like us is not a big deal for Puan Hazrati and En Helmi.I was sleepy in the class because Pn. Hazrati's slides were almost 40 slides.For me,it was a lot and i want Pn Hazrati elaborated her slides more and try to relate it with our surrounding and education world.She needed to improve her voice projection so that i would not feel sleepy.En Helmi managed to overcome his nervousness with appearing calmer and voice can be heard clearly.

I think i have talked a lot for this post, last but not least, please forgive me if i said something hurt in this post.
Assalamualaikum wbt……


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