Reflection 1

Posted: March 1, 2012 in Reflection on 2153

Assalamualaikum,for this semester i need to take education technology as my compulsory courses provided by faculty. Once again, i meet my previous lecturer Dr. Rosseni Din, who was my lecturer for Computer In Education. Now for this subject.I expect that i will learn something difficult or complicated in this course because i am not really interested in technology stuff.After Dr Rosseni explained what the course all about,i was shocked because we need to make a video which is easy for those who only watch yet for makers is like an uphill task.

In this course,we will learn about all new things about technology world.That’s it from me.Thank you.-)

  1. Cikgu says:

    Dear Asri, i can understand if you say you are not interested in tehnology. Imagine i am from your mother’s generation who wasn’t born with all these gadgets and i have to learn to teach them. It was very difficult for me but i manage and i am sure a smart kid like you will do wonders. I am sure you can do it. Take one thing at a time. Ask any little think you don’t understand and i will guide you along the way. I can still remember your confuse face the first day you were instructed to built a wordpress blog in yourGE1153 Computer in Education class. To learn and develop a WordPress blog was like learning a foreign language to you … so i thought but you passed the course and here you are wriing in your own blog marvelously. Just take things one day at a time I am sure you will reach at the end of the tunnel and please do not hesitate to ask me any question in class, through mine or your blog. No question is too easy and there is no such thing as a stupid question in my dictionary of Teaching and Learning. Just keep and think positive about the class and i am sure you will get by smoothly.

  2. Cikgu says:

    asri since my comment have not been approve, please correct my spelling if you can go to the comments section in the dashboard and edit tehnology –> technology and think –> thing and wriing –> writing

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