Independence Day

Posted: September 1, 2010 in Current Issues

`Lack of patriotism among The National University of Malaysia’s students’ is a debate’s title in Aminudin Baki’s college.This is my question to all of us.How to identify a patriotic person?Any idea?Are we good enough to be considered as patriotic citizens with only going to Dataran Merdeka and shout `Merdeka!Merdeka! and enjoy the concert held?The nearest example to us is when National Anthem is played,how many students are standing straight and sing full-heartedly?If they do,they just do it as an escape for them because they are being watched by discipline teacher.For example,in Indonesia if the National Anthem is being played,the cars on the road will stop as a respect to the song.Currently,we are shocked by a video from Taiwan that obviously tarnish the image of our country with insulting our Agong,azan(call for prayer for muslim),hijab women and our prayer(solat).This is done by a Chinese from Malaysia.Is he considered as a patriotic person?Definitely not!How’s your opinion?For sane citizens like us,we will definitely say NO.Am i right?What should we do?Expel him from our country?Just leave it to our Malaysia’s administrators.Like Celcom always cite `Power is in your hand’.Our country has been independent for almost 54 years.As the young generation,what should we do or contribute to our country?Should we be a `Mat Rempit’ or `Minah Rempit’ and die for nothing?Just ask ourselves.For me the celebration of Independance Day is not important but how or what we do to fill up our independence is much more important.We, as the future leaders need to retain what we have now because nowadays the physical colonization is no longer exist.It comes in the new shapes,our livestyle,our ways of thinking and lot more.We are slowly being colonized by western cultures.Whatever that comes from Europe we consider as sophisticated and good.Really?Do you think so?No?Why?If yes,state your reasons.Before i forget,i would like to ask all of us,what is the theme of our Independance Day for this year?Any idea?Hah!!Dont know!!Our theme of Independence Day this year is `1 Malaysia Menjana Tranformasi’.That’s our theme for this year.Hmmm,how to become patriotic citizens if you can forget our theme for this day.I have been mumbling a lot,so i think it is better for me to quit writing though i love to.The last word from me is be a patriotic citizen,if we dont, who else?Salam Kemerdekaan.


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