Week 4

Posted: August 2, 2010 in Reflection on 1155

My task is about Internet Security.At first i did not understand or know what it is about because i am not interested in ICT.After i went through this article,i get a clear picture of it.Let me summarise the article.Internet Security  is the set of rules and measures taken against such attacks.Different methods have been taken to protect the transfer data over the internet including encryption which is transformed and a decryption key is generated for the receiver of the data.Internet security professionals should be fluent in the four major aspect:penetration testing,intrusion detection,incidence response and legal compliance.Types of security are network layer security TCP/IP can be made secure with the help of crytography,Electronic Mail Security:a)pretty good privacy will transmit encrypting message to be stored locally,Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions(MIME).Firewall controls the device that controls the access between networks.Role of firewall is to impose restriction on incoming and outgoing packets to and from private network.There are three types of  firewalls:packet filters,circuit level gateways and application-level gateways.Malware, Viruses,Trojans,Spyware,Worms and Bots are dangerous viruses that will ruin computer’s system.Antivirus programs and internet security programs are useful in protecting a computer or programmable device.Spyware and Adware are two major kind of threats in relation to spyware.That’s all my summary about Internet Security.I hope this is good enough for week 4 assignment.

Author:Rhee M.Y.(2003) And Gralla, Preston(2007)

Year:2003 and 2007

Title of Article:Internet security:cryptographic principle,algorithms and protocols.Chichester Wiley.How internet works.

Book Title:How internet works

Place of published:Indianapolis

Publisher:Que Pub.


This is quite tough task because i am not really good user of computer but with the assistance that i get from my lecturer,it made my task easier.Actually the field of Internet Security is indeed important to us because it helps us to prevent our data and information from being ruined by viruses.Thank god,finally i manage to complete my task.


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